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Disneyland Fantasmic! Dining Package at Hungry Bear Restaurant

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Want to make your trip to Disneyland unforgettable? Check out the Fantasmic Dining Package at Hungry Bear Restaurant! Enjoy a delicious meal before the show and receive VIP reserved seating for the performance. Take in all of the sights and sounds of this beautiful show from a prime location right in front. Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable family experience or just a night out, this package is sure to create lasting memories. Read my review below to find out if it’s right for you!

Hungry Bear Restaurant at Disneyland.

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What is the Fantasmic Dining Package?

The Fantasmic Dining Packages at Disneyland let you enjoy a delicious meal and also receive reserved or VIP seating for the Fantasmic! show later in the evening. Currently, these dinner packages are available through Hungry Bear Restaurant, Blue Bayou, and River Belle Terrace, both of which are a table service restaurant.

Hungry Bear Fantasmic! On-The-Go Package

This package is the one I decided to purchase for my family on our recent trip. I liked that I didn’t have to use park time for a sit-down dinner, but if that is what you like, you might want to consider a Blue Bayou dining package or a River Belle dining package.

Mark Twain Riverboat with Disney characters in the Fantasmic show at Disneyland.
Fantasmic! Show

I booked advanced reservations for this package 60 days before the day we planned to use it as these packages can be in high demand. The reservations were released on the Disneyland site at 6:00 am Pacific Time. I found that for booking this package, it was easier to use the website over the app.

How Much is the Hungry Bear Fantasmic Dinner Package?

For this on-the-go dining package, the price for adults was $35 and $25 for kids.

Hungry Bear Fantasmic Dining Package Menu.
Menu from Hungry Bear Fantasmic Package

Hungry Bear Fantasmic Package Menu

Adult Dinner $35

Each adult dinner includes: choice of entree, dessert, and a fountain beverage. Check with Disney for special items if you have food allergies or other specific needs. Adult entree choices include:

  • Grilled Salmon Salad: Mixed greens with crumbled bacon and cherry tomatoes, served with Bacon Potato Salad and seasonal vegetables.
  • Carolina BBQ Half Chicken: Roasted and lacquered with house-made BBQ sauce, served with Bacon Potato Salad and seasonal vegetables.
  • BBQ Ribs: Slow-roasted and smothered in a sweet-smokey BBQ sauce, served with Bacon Potato Salad and seasonal vegetables.
  • Impossible Sloppy “Bear-which”: With a mixture of vegetables and seasonings, dairy-free cheese and shredded romaine on toasted sourdough, served with seasonal vegetables, fresh fruit and a plant-based brownie.
BBQ Ribs from Hungry Bear Restaurant Fantasmic Dining Package with a side of Bacon Potato Salad, Broccoli, and a S'more's dessert.
BBQ Ribs

Kids Dinner $25

Kids meals each includes: choice of one beverage, seasonal vegetables and seasonal fruit. Entree choices for kids include:

  • BBQ Pork Ribs
  • Impossible Soppy Joe Slider
  • Mac & Cheese
Mac & Cheese kids dinner from Hungry Bear Fantasmic Dining Package at Disneyland with a side of fruit and broccoli.
Kids Mac & Cheese

Hungry Bear Dining Package Food Review

Two of my sons and I ordered the BBQ Ribs dinner. I thought it was delicious! The BBQ sauce was sweet and tangy, the food was warm, and the ribs were fall off the bone! I thought the food quality was great!

My husband ordered the Half Chicken and thought it was moist and flavorful. He finished the rest of my son’s ribs though, and said that he wished he had ordered that instead of the chicken.

BBQ Half chicken from Hungry Bear Restaurant Fantasmic Dining Package with a side of Bacon Potato Salad, Broccoli, and a S'more's dessert.
BBQ Half Chicken

The potato salad was delicious and the broccoli was seasoned well. The S’mores dessert wasn’t my favorite. I would say that it was just ok.

My 8-year-old had the Mac & Cheese and said it was great! He just wished that his meal had come with a dessert as well. Surprisingly, my picky eaters loved their meals!

Reserved Viewing Location

The reserved viewing section is right up front in New Orleans Square, across the Rivers of America from Tom Sawyer Island. I would say we were a little to the left of the exact center stage. Check out my video here to see what the view was like. A cast member will let you know what time to arrive at the show and where to sit to enjoy your great view! Be aware that if you do book this package, your will be sitting on the ground to enjoy the show.

Map showing Fantasmic Dining Package viewing area at Disneyland.

When to Arrive at the Reserved Viewing Area

The night we purchased the dining package, Fantasmic! was set to begin at 9:00 pm. Our ticket for the Hungry Bear section of the reserved area said to arrive about 30-45 minutes before showtime, so between 8:15-8:30.


If you want to view the fireworks after Fantasmic! the show will usually start about 10 minutes later. It was great to just stay in our spot because the castle projections are also projected onto the water in front of Tom Sawyer Island and the music is played there as well. It even began to “snow” over us, just like it does on Main Street!

Is the Hungry Bear Package Worth It?

I would say that depends. I honestly have not seen Fantasmic in years, mostly because I am not a fan of trying to fight others to save a spot for the show.

So for me, the Fantasmic Dining Package was totally worth it. It relieved the stress of finding a spot for the show and allowed me to enjoy more park time with my family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Fantasmic Dining Package cost?

The adult dinner costs $35, and the kids dinner costs $25.

Is the on-the-go package available for all showtimes?

No, it is only offered during certain show times. You can check the Disneyland website or app to see which time works best with your schedule.

How early do we need to arrive at the viewing location?

The dining package includes reserved seating for Fantasmic, so you will need to arrive about 30-45 minutes before showtime.

Will we be able to sit on the ground or need to bring our own chairs/blankets?

For the Hungry Bear Dining Package, you will be sitting down directly in front of the viewing area. There are no chairs or blankets included in the dining package.

Can you cancel Fantasmic Dining Package?

Yes, you have up until 24 hours before your reservation to cancel with no penalty. You can also change the time of your reservation as long as it is within the same day.

Does Fantasmic require reservations?

The Fantasmic show does not require reservations, but the Fantasmic Dining Package does.

How much does Fantasmic cost?

Fantasmic is included with the price of your Disneyland admission. Only the dining package has an extra charge.

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Final Thoughts

With the Fantasmic Dining Package, get it all: delicious meals and VIP seating with a fantastic view to one of Disneyland’s most beloved shows. Enjoy a magical experience that will create memories for years to come. My family had a good experience and I would definitely spend the extra money to do this again.

Whether you’re looking for an unforgettable family outing or just a night filled with entertainment, the Fantasmic Dining Package at the Disneyland Resort is sure to please. Don’t wait – book your package today!

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