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Disneyland Park Hopper Tips

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If you are looking to experience all of the magic and fun that is offered at the Happiest Place on Earth, then you might want to consider getting yourself some Disneyland Park Hopper Tickets! The following guide will help determine if this ticket is right for your family!

Disneyland Park Hopper Ticket

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Should I Park Hop or not? That is the question I ask myself each time I purchase our Disneyland Tickets.

The answer to this question depends on a lot of factors that can change from trip to trip.

Cars racing on a track at Disneyland using a Park Hopper Ticket

What is a Disneyland Park Hopper Ticket?

A Disneyland Park Hopper Ticket is a ticket that gives you the ability to visit both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in the same day.

You can “hop” back and forth between parks as many times as you want. You do not need to pay a separate entrance fee to visit each park in the same day.

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For example, you can begin the day at Disneyland, head over to Disney California Adventure for lunch and back to Disneyland for the evening.

It is a really great way to see both parks.

Reasons to Purchase a Disneyland Park Hopper Ticket

With the Park Hopper option added to your Disneyland ticket, you get TWO parks to visit in one day.

Jungle Cruise entrance at Disneyland in California

That means double the attractions, double the shows, double the parades, double the characters, and double the dining options! So many choices, so little time. Right?

Another benefit to purchasing a Park Hopper ticket is the flexibility that it gives you.

If your family happens to be done with one park in less than a day, you can head over to the other park to spend the rest of your time.

The face of Mickey Mouse on a large Ferris wheel called Pixar Pal-Around at Disneyland.


Tips to Maximize a Disneyland Park Hopper Ticket

Here are a few things you can do to maximize your Disneyland Park Hopper ticket.

  • The Disneyland Resort is really convenient for park hopping. The two park entrances are directly across from each other. You can literally walk from one park to the other in 2-3 minutes. It makes it really easy to “hop” back and forth. Use this convenience to your advantage and go between both parks.
Silly Symphony Swings at Disney California Adventure

I hope these tips will help you decide if a Park Hopper ticket is right for your family. The number one reason that I purchase it for my family is because of the FLEXIBILITY that it offers.

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Disneyland Ticket Savings


There aren’t a lot of Disneyland ticket discounts out there, but they can be found if you know where to look.


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Make sure that if you buy Disney tickets from a third party, that they an authorized ticket seller.


I buy my tickets from Get Away Today. Their ticket prices are always a few dollars cheaper than Disneyland’s gate prices and you can  now purchase tickets from them that include Disney MaxPass!


Disneyland ticket at Pixar Pier Disney California Adventure


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Disneyland Tips & Tricks

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.