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Tour of Disney’s Beach Club Newport Presidential Suite

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Have you ever stayed in a Presidential Suite at Disney? Take a tour of the beautiful Newport Presidential Suite at Disney’s Beach Club and see what true luxury in the middle of the magic is like!

A photo collage of Disney's Beach Club Newport Presidential Suite.

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Introduction to the Newport Presidential Suite

Stepping into the Newport Presidential Suite at Disney’s Beach Club Resort feels like entering a realm of unsurpassed luxury. This suite offers comfort and exclusive amenities that stand out even in the magical world of Disney. Its grandeur promises an elevated Disney vacation experience.

The elegantly appointed rooms whisper tales of timeless luxury, while the sweeping views of Crescent Lake offer a serene backdrop that soothes the soul after a day of adventure. It’s the kind of place that makes you pause, soak in the ambiance, and feel grateful for the moments of joy and splendor.

Every inch of the Newport Presidential Suite has been designed with an eye for detail, ensuring that comfort meets elegance in every corner. Club Level services add an extra layer of indulgence, providing personalized concierge service and enhanced dining options that cater to our every whim. With access to these exclusive perks, a stay transcends the ordinary, making you feel like royalty navigating the enchanting world of Walt Disney World.

A car at the entrance to Disney's Beach Club.
Entrance to Disney’s Beach Club

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Unforgettable Pre-Cruise Pixie Dust

The night before setting sail with Disney Cruise Line on the Disney Wish transformed into an unexpected fairy tale. With an unexpected upgrade to the Newport Presidential Suite at Disney’s Beach Club, excitement buzzed through the air. Our suite, a haven of luxury, promised the perfect prelude to our sea adventure.

The anticipation of the cruise melded with the lavish comforts around us, elevating our excitement to new heights. Every moment in this elegant setting felt like a step closer to the magical journey awaiting us.

Check-in was a breeze, whispering hints of the flawless service we’d encounter onboard the ship. Disney’s expertise in crafting seamless experiences was evident. Transitioning from the opulent embrace of the suite to the grandeur of the cruise felt like a journey designed with meticulous care.

This stay not only heightened the thrill of the upcoming cruise but also set a splendid tone for the adventures to come. The Newport Presidential Suite served as the perfect gateway to the vast, enchanting sea.

Resting comfortably within the upscale quarters, we could practically hear the gentle waves calling. The suite, with its plush amenities and breathtaking views, mirrored the promise of leisure and exploration that defines Disney Cruise Line.

This seamless blend of resort luxury and cruise anticipation made the prelude to our vacation unforgettable. As we ventured closer to embarkation, the excitement in our hearts mirrored the serene yet lively ambiance of Crescent Lake, setting the stage for an incredible Disney voyage.

Outside view of Disney's Beach Club.
Disney’s Beach Club

The Magic of Disney’s Beach Club Resort

Disney’s Beach Club Resort stands as a beacon of luxury and relaxation. Nestled on the shores of Crescent Lake, its picturesque setting offers an escape to a seaside paradise. The resort boasts an airy, New England-style theme that transports guests to a bygone era of coastal elegance.

From the moment you step into the grand lobby, the charm of the beach club envelops you. Its ideal location means Disney’s Boardwalk, Yacht Club, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios are just a stroll or boat ride away. This convenience adds a layer of allure to an already attractive destination.

The exceptional facilities at the resort cater to every guest’s needs. Whether it’s lounging by one of the three pools, indulging in the decadent dining options, or enjoying the vast array of recreational activities, there’s always something to enhance your Walt Disney World experience. Disney’s Beach Club Resort isn’t just a place to stay; it’s a gateway to unforgettable memories by the lakeside.

Lobby of Disney's Beach Club.
Beach Club Lobby

Arrival and Check-in Experience

Walking into Disney’s Beach Club Resort, the air buzzed with excitement. Staff greeted us with warm smiles, making us feel instantly special. They whisked us away to a private area for check-in, a touch of exclusivity for Newport Presidential Suite guests.

The process was swift, unlike any other hotel experience. Our names were known, preferences noted, and it seemed as if they were expecting just us all day. This personalized service hinted at the magic that awaited in the suite. The thrill of anticipation grew with each passing moment, setting a splendid tone for our stay.

Stone Harbor Club on the club level of Disney's Beach Club.
Stone Harbor Lounge at Disney’s Beach Club

Indulgent Amenities and Club Level Privileges

Staying at the Newport Presidential Suite opens doors to unparalleled luxury. Guests receive exclusive access to Club Level services. These services elevate the vacation experience with perks not found elsewhere.

Drinks from Stone Harbor Club on the club level of Disney's Beach Club.
Drinks from the Club Level Lounge

The Stone Harbor Club is where you will find complimentary breakfast, evening snacks, after dinner desserts, and all-day drinks. The lounge was located right down the hall from the double-doored entrance to the Newport Suite. We were able to enjoy breakfast and desserts in the lounge and thought it was amazing!

Drink area of the Stone Harbor Lounge on the Club Level of Disney's Beach Club.
Drink Area in Stone Harbor Club Lounge

The suite itself is a haven of elegance. Spacious rooms are adorned with fine furnishings. With every detail meticulously crafted, guests enjoy both comfort and style. The Club Level access truly sets this experience apart. It offers a blend of luxury, exclusivity, and personalized attention. Thus, creating an indulgent escape within the magical world of Disney.

Desserts from Stone Harbor Club Lounge at Disney's Beach Club.
Desserts from Stone Harbor Club Lounge
Breakfast from Stone Harbor Club Lounge at Disney's Beach Club.
Breakfast from Stone Harbor Club Lounge

Tour of Newport Presidential Suite at Disney’s Beach Club: Luxurious Comfort and Design

Stepping into the Newport Presidential Suite, the opulence is palpable. Every corner and crevice speaks of luxury, with furnishings that blend classic elegance with modern comfort. The suite’s layout sprawls generously, offering more than enough room for families or groups to spread out and relax in style.

Among the most captivating features are the views from the suite. Large windows frame the picturesque Crescent Lake and the lush landscapes of Disney’s Beach Club Resort. These breathtaking vistas not only provide a serene backdrop but also immerse guests in the magical Disney environment from the comfort of their room.

The suite boasts an array of exquisite furnishings. Plush sofas invite guests to sink in after a day of adventures, while the elegant dining area stands ready for a private family dinner or a spirited game night. The attention to detail in the design creates an atmosphere of sophisticated comfort.

Exclusive amenities, including plush robes and premium bath products, enhance the experience, making every moment in the Newport Presidential Suite a testament to Disney’s commitment to luxury and guest satisfaction.

Entrance to the Newport Presidential Suite at Disney's Beach Club.
Entrance to the Newport Suite


The suite has a grand double-door entrance. With a half bathroom the the right and a beautiful table with fresh flowers straight ahead. A small coat closet in the entrance makes a great place to store jackets, raincoats, and umbrellas.

Entrance to the Newport Suite at Beach Club Resort.
Entry Way of the Newport Suite

Primary Bedroom

The Newport Suite has two separate bedrooms. The primary bedroom is to the right of the entrance and has a large King-sized bed, a couch, chairs, dress, TV, nightstands and a balcony with views of the pool. It has a large bathroom and walk-in closet as well.

Bedroom of Disney's Beach Club Presidential Suite.
Primary Bedroom
King Bed in the Newport Presidential Suite.
Primary Bedroom
TV and Couch in the Newport Suite.
Primary Bedroom
Chair in the bedroom of the Newport Presidential Suite at Disney's Beach Club.
Primary Bedroom

Second Bedroom

The second bedroom has two Queen-size beds a small table, comfortable chairs and a balcony with a view of the lake. We could even see the fireworks from Hollywood Studios here. The second bedroom also has the largest walk-in closet and a full bathroom with a shower/tub combination.

Two queen beds in the second bedroom of the Newport Suite.
Second Bedroom
TV, chair, and beds in the second bedroom of the Newport Presidential Suite.
Second Bedroom
Entrance to the closet in the second bedroom of the Newport Suite.
Second Bedroom
Large walk-in closet in the second bedroom of the Newport Suite.
Second Bedroom Walk-In Closet


The Beach Club Presidential Suite has 2 1/2 bathrooms. The Primary bathroom has a large double vanity, a jetted bathtub, shower, toilet, bidet, and a walk-in closet.

Double vanity in the primary bathroom.
Primary Bathroom
Toilet & bidet in the primary bathroom of the newport suite.
Primary Bathroom
Shower and bathtub in the Primary bedroom of the Newport Suite.
Primary Bathroom
Bathtub in the Newport Suite of Disney's Beach Club.
Primary Bathroom
Walk in closet in the primary bathroom of the Newport Suite.
Walk-In Closet

The second bedroom’s bathroom has a vanity, shower/tub and a toilet.

Vanity in the bathroom in the second bedroom of the Newport Suite.
Second Bathroom
Toilet and tub/shower in the second bedroom of the Newport Presidential Suite.
Second Bathroom

The half bathroom is located near the entrance with a toilet and vanity.

Half bathroom in the Newport Presidential Suite.
Half Bathroom

Dining Area

The dining area in this suite is fit for a King and Queen! The dining table has chairs for 10 people. We enjoyed eating dinner, snacks, and breakfast here. The kitchenette area has a coffee maker, microwave, and hidden mini refrigerator.

Dining room table in the Newport Presidential Suite.
Dining Area
Newport Suite kitchenette.
Mini fridge in Beach Club's Newport Suite.
Mini Fridge
Microwave in the Newport Presidential Suite.
Island and table on the Newport Suite.
Island and Dining Table

Living Room

The living room had a nice plush couch, two chairs, a TV, fireplace, and door to view the lake. The couch can pull out into a bed that can sleep two more guests.

Living room of the Newport Presidential Suite.
Living Room

Disney Transportation to the Parks

Stepping outside the Newport Presidential Suite, the magic of Walt Disney World beckons. Within moments, you can find yourself surrounded by the wonders and excitement of the parks. Disney’s Beach Club Resort boasts unrivaled proximity to the iconic attractions in Epcot and Hollywood Studios, allowing you to dive into adventure without delay.

Buses whisk you away to destinations far and wide across the resort. From the thrilling landscapes of Animal Kingdom to the fairytale of Magic Kingdom, transportation runs like clockwork. The convenience of this service cannot be overstated, transforming travel time into moments of anticipation for the next magical experience.

For a truly unique journey, I take to the water. Boats glide across Crescent Lake, offering scenic routes to Hollywood Studios and the Boardwalk. This serene transit option provides breathtaking views and a calm respite from the day’s excitement.

The Monorail is close by and can take you to Magic Kingdom, but the star of the show is Disney’s Skyliner. Located between at the back entrance to Epcot, the Skyliner is a fun way to travel to Hollywood Studios.

With every mode of transportation, Disney ensures that the journey is as enchanting as the destination itself.

Entrance to the Skyliner at Epcot.
Skyliner Entrance near Beach Club

Relaxation by the Beach and Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake glistens like a jewel under the Florida sun. Its tranquil waters invite guests to relax and unwind. The gentle lapping of waves against the sandy shore provides a calming soundtrack to an afternoon of leisure. This is the place where the rush of theme parks fades into the gentle pace of lakeside living. A stroll around Crescent Lake offers picturesque views that paint a serene backdrop to the Newport Presidential Suite stay.

Water activities abound for those seeking a bit of adventure. Guests can glide across the water in a rented boat, feeling the breeze and soaking in the sights. For those preferring to stay dry, there are plenty of spots along the shore to catch a glimpse of the colorful Disney boardwalk twinkling in the distance. This harmonious blend of relaxation and activity ensures that every moment by Crescent Lake is one to remember.

The area thrives with opportunities for guests of all ages. From the joyful laughter of families playing at the edge of the water to the quiet moments of couples enjoying a peaceful walk, Crescent Lake is a mosaic of memorable experiences. Its role in enhancing the luxurious appeal of the Newport Presidential Suite cannot be understated. In this enchanting setting, the worries of the world melt away, replaced by the comfort and joy of a truly magical vacation.

Stormalong Bay swimming are at Beach & Yacht Club.
Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Beach Club

Final Thoughts

Staying at the Newport Presidential Suite is an adventure I’ll cherish forever. Each moment felt steeped in magic, from waking up to the panoramic views of Crescent Lake to the luxurious evening wrapped in the finest linens. The suite, a masterpiece of comfort and elegance, served as our private haven in the heart of Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

Disney has always been adept at crafting unforgettable experiences, and this suite is no exception. The level of detail in the decor and the attentiveness of the staff elevated our stay into something extraordinary.

The exclusive amenities, coupled with the serene ambiance of the resort, created the perfect backdrop for our Disney vacation. Dining by the water’s edge, with the lights of the BoardWalk twinkling in the distance, added a layer of enchantment to our meals.

Mickey Mouse towel on a bed in the Newport Suite.

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