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What is a Wolf Pass at Great Wolf Lodge?

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If you’re planning a visit to Great Wolf Lodge, you’ll definitely want to find out all about the Wolf Pass and what is included when you purchase it. You can determine if it is worth the money and decide if it is right for you!

Great Wolf Lodge Wolf Pass

Wolf Passes were given complimentary to my family. All opinions are my own.

My family and I recently made a trip down to Arizona to visit Great Wolf Lodge. This was our second visit to this location.

We had the opportunity to experience all that Great Wolf Lodge’s Wolf Pass has to offer and I want to show you everything that is included if you decide to purchase this for your family.

Entrance sign to Great Wolf Lodge Arizona

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Watch on YouTube:

YouTube Thumbnail Do You Need A Wolf Pass at Great Wolf Lodge

Grizzly Bear Suite Tour

Before we get to the wolf pass, I want to give you a quick tour of our amazing Grizzly Bear Suite. We loved this room because it had so much space!

Door to Grizzly Bear Suite at Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona

As you enter the Suite, there is plenty of storage space.

We kept all of our shoes and swimming gear in this area so we could grab it quickly as we went out the door.

Storage area of Grizzly Bear Suite at Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona

Bathroom 1 is right inside the entrance and has a tub and shower combination.

Bathroom 1 of Grizzly Bear Suite at Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona

Located just outside the bathroom is a sink. Having the sink outside the bathroom definitely which helps when you have a lot of guests staying in your room.

Sink for bathroom 2
Bathroom 1 Sink

Walking a little bit further into the room, you will see a large countertop with another sink and a mini-fridge.

Extra Sink, counter space, and mini fridge inside Grizzly Bear Suite at Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona

We had groceries delivered to us during our stay so the mini fridge came in handy for my hungry boys.

Inside view of the mini fridge in a Grizzly Bear Suite at Great Wolf Lodge Arizona

Straight back from the entrance is the living room. This room had a large sectional couch that can pull out into a full size bed.

Grizzly Bear Suite with Sectional that transforms into a full size bed

There is also a chair, a desk, and a tv. Out our window, was a beautiful view of the outdoor pool.

Desk and TV in living room of Grizzly Bear Suite at Great Wolf Lodge Arizona

Bedroom number 1 has two queen sized beds with a nightstand in between and can easily sleep 4 guests.

Two queen beds in Grizzly Bear Suite
Grizzly Bear Suite Bedroom 1

You will also find a dresser, a television, and a storage area with shelves and a bench.

Dresser, tv, and storage area in bedroom 1 of Grizzly Bear Suite at Great Wolf Lodge Arizona

Across the hall is bedroom number two. This separate bedroom has a king size bed.

King size bed in Grizzly Bear Suite at Great Wolf Lodge Arizona
Grizzly Bear Suite Bedroom 2

Bedroom 2 includes two nightstands, a large dresser with three drawers, and it’s own television.

TV and dresser in Bedroom 2 of Grizzly Bear Suite

Another great feature of the Grizzly Bear Suite is the private bathroom attached to the second bedroom. This bathroom has a stand up shower.

Bathroom 2 of Grizzly Bear Suite
Bathroom 2
Stand up shower in Bathroom 2
Stand up shower in Bathroom 2

Great Wolf Lodge Wolf Pass

Now let’s get to the fun stuff. Great Wolf Lodge has three types of passes that you can purchase. The Pup Pass, Paw Pass, and the Wolf Pass.

What is included in a Wolf Pass at Great Wolf Lodge

Each of these passes vary by location, so make sure you do your research to get the pass that is right for you and your family.

We have found that for us, the Wolf pass gives us the best bang for our buck. Our stay lasted four nights and the Wolf Pass gave us plenty of things to do.

Three boys holding Wolf Passes at Great Wolf Lodge

What is included with a Wolf Pass

Now that you know the difference between the three passes available for purchase, let’s go in depth with what is included with a Wolf Pass at Great Wolf Lodge.

Entrance to MagiQuest included with a Wolf Pass at Great Wolf Lodge


The first activity included with a Wolf Pass is MagiQuest. With the Wolf Pass, you get to choose a magic wand as well as a wand topper.

You will also get a booklet with instructions on how to complete different quests throughout the lodge.

Kids choosing their magic wand for MagiQuest at Great Wolf Lodge

This was one of My 11 year old and 6 year old’s favorite things we did on our visit.

They worked on the challenges for a few minutes each day and were able to complete it by the time our stay was over. Individual Price: Game $13.99 + Wand $17.99.

Two Kids standing in front of a MagiQuest kiosk at Great Wolf Lodge

Ropes Course

Included with the Wolf Pass, is one climb on Howler’s Peak Ropes Course.

You will be secured to ropes that hang from overhead and will go through two levels of challenges.

Entrance sign to Howler's Peak Ropes Course included with at Wolf Pass at Great Wolf Lodge

Kids between 45″ – 47″ are allowed to climb, but must be accompanied by an adult.

My youngest was just under 48” so he fit into those parameters and was required to have an adult with him on the course.

Although his Dad and I probably needed more assistance than he did.

A boy being measured to climb the ropes course at Great Wolf Lodge

We ended up having so much fun on the ropes course, that we purchased the unlimited pass for $19.99 per person.

This allowed my boys to climb as many times as they wanted for the entire duration of our stay, and boy did they take advantage of that. Individual Price:$14.99.

A boy on the ropes course at Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona

Moonstone Mine

I was pretty excited to take a trip through Moonstone Mine at Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona.

When we visited the location in Washington, I wanted to experience, but we didn’t get the chance.

Entrance to Moonstone Mine included with a Wolf Pass at Great Wolf Lodge

With our Wolf Passes, we were to go make our way through the maze.

This is a maze of mirrors with clues throughout to help you complete it.

A boy with wolf ears inside Moonstone Mine at Great Wolf Lodge

I have to admit that it could be a little disorienting inside the maze, but it was fun to work as a family to find a way out! Individual Price: $19.99.

Two kids looking at clues inside a mirror maze at Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge Candy Company

When you purchase a Wolf Pass, you also get to make a trip to the Great Wolf Candy Company.

You will be able to fill a 12 ounce cup with your choice of candy.

Entrance to Great Wolf Candy Company

With restrictions right now, only one family is allowed in the store at a time, and a Great Wolf Lodge employee will fill the candy cup for you.

Candy choices at Great Wolf Lodge

This was definitely a dream come true for my kids. Individual Price: Unknown (I estimate around $5).

Two boys getting candy from a Great Wolf Lodge employee

Climbing Wall

The Rustic Ridge Climbing Wall is another activity included when you purchase a Wolf Pass.

Rustic Ridge Climbing wall at Great Wolf Lodge included with a Wolf Pass

You will wear the same harnesses used for the ropes course, but you get to see how high you can climb on the wall with a giant paw print.

Two young boys in climbing harnesses at Great Wolf Lodge

Rustic Ridge is a 33 foot climbing challenge and was fun for everyone. My 6-year old and my husband ( I won’t mention his age 😉) both made it to the top! Individual Price: $7.99 per climb.

A boy on a climbing wall at Great Wolf Lodge

Northern Lights Arcade

When you buy a Wolf Pass, you will get a game card (worth $5) that will allow you to play games in the Northern Lights Arcade.

When you pick up your card, you have the option to add more points to it, but we decided not to.

Game Cards called Paw Points to be used at the arcade at Great Wolf Lodge

After playing you can trade your tickets in for prizes like small toys and candy. Individual Price: $5.00.

Two kids playing an arcade game at Great Wolf Lodge

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

There is a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop located inside Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona and with a Wolf Pass, one scoop of ice cream is included.

Ben & Jerry's located inside Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona

You will get to choose your favorite flavor of ice cream and then choose a topping.

Ice cream menu at Ben & Jerry's inside Great Wolf Lodge

My kids loved this because, not only do they love ice cream, but they had full ability to be creative with their flavor combinations.

My 10-year-old chose Pineapple Mango ice cream topped with Gummy Bears.

A boy with a cup of ice cream and gummy bears at Great Wolf Lodge

And my 13-year-old ordered Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream with caramel sauce on top. I don’t get it, but they liked it. Individual Price: $5.29.

A boy with a mask holding a scoop of ice cream included with a Wolf Pass at Great Wolf Lodge

Ten Paw Alley

One game of bowling at Ten Paw Alley is included with a Wolf Pass.

We actually had a lot of fun doing this and no special shoes are required, which was an added bonus.

Ten Paw Alley bowling at Great Wolf Lodge included with a Wolf Pass

I also loved that you have the option to have bumpers set up for little ones so that everyone has the opportunity to join in the fun. Individual price: $7 per player.

A child bowling at Great Wolf Lodge

Mini Golf

If you’re a fan of mini golf, you’re in luck! You can use your Wolf Pass to redeem one round of mini golf during at Howl in One Mini Golf.

Entrance to the mini golf course at Great Wolf Lodge included with a Wolf Pass

I would say that this golf course is suited more for younger kids, but my older boys still had a great time! Individual price: $7.99 + tax.

A boy playing mini golf at Great Wolf Lodge

Is a Wolf Pass worth it?

To determine if a Wolf Pass is worth it for you, you need to decide if your kids will enjoy each activity.

Below I will show you the cost break down. For my family, the Wolf Pass has been worth it every time.

Individual Attraction Prices

  • MagiQuest Game $13.99 + tax
  • MagiQuest Wand & Standard Topper $17.99 + tax
  • Ropes Course $14.99 per person
  • Moonstone Mine $19.99
  • Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Scoop $5.29
  • Great Wolf Candy Company $5 (my estimate, actual price unknown)
  • Climbing Wall $7.99 per climb
  • Arcade $5

Total Individual Cost = $90.24 + tax

If you consider the cost of a Wolf Pass ($69.99) compared to the cost of these attractions individually, it is a savings of over $20.00. To me, it is totally worth it!

Outside Great Wolf Lodge Arizona

Great Wolf Lodge Extras

I wanted to show you around a couple of the amenities that are included for all guests of Great Wolf Lodge, regardless of whether you purchase a Wolf Pass or not. The first is the Water Park.

Water Park

Most hotels and resorts have a pool or two, but Great Wolf Lodge takes this to the next level. There are tons of pools, water slides, a wave pool, a toddler area, and more!

Water park information for Great Wolf Lodge Arizona

For a complete review of the water park, check out my Great Wolf Lodge Arizona Review here.

Story Time

Another activity  included with your stay at Great Wolf Lodge is nightly story time.

My 6-year-old and I went down to participate in Story Time each night.

Great Wolf Lodge Story Time

During the story, Wiley Wolf will come out to visit and say hello. Your child will receive a coloring page and crayons to complete after the story.

Wiley Wolf at Great Wolf Lodge Arizona for Story Time

I hope you enjoyed our tour of Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona and have an idea of what purchasing the Wolf Pass is like. 

Make sure to check out my Great Wolf Lodge Arizona Videos here and here, and you can see what is included with a Wolf Pass at Great Wolf Lodge’s Washington location here.

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