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Great Wolf Lodge During COVID

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Are you wondering if you should you go to Great Wolf Lodge right now?Here is my review and experience of COVID-19 protocols and procedures in place at Great Wolf Lodge to protect employees and guests.

Three kids in face masks at the entrance of Great Wolf Lodge

My family was given complimentary Wolf Passes from Great Wolf Lodge. All opinions are my own.


Recently, my family and I had the opportunity to visit Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona. We were curious what actions and procedures were in place to keep guests safe during the current pandemic.


Street sign for Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona


After visiting Great Wolf Lodge in Grand Mound, Washington in July, we were confident that we would be able to keep ourselves safe and still be able to enjoy time together.


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Great Wolf Lodge Paw Pledge


Great Wolf Lodge has implemented what they call Our Paw Pledge during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Great Wolf Lodge's Paw Pledge

Great Wolf Lodge’s Paw Pledge


This is a list if items that they are doing in order to help stop the spread of the virus as well as allow guests to still enjoy their resort and amenities.


Checking in at Great Wolf Lodge


Before checking in, guests will receive an email with a list of things to know before you arrive.


Arrival Tips for Great Wolf Lodge

Arrival Tips for Great Wolf Lodge.


Check in at the front desk is limited to one person. Do abide by this protocol, I was the only one who interacted with a Great Wolf Lodge employee, while my husband stayed farther back in the lobby.


Sign for online check in lobby of Great Wolf Lodge Arizona


The lodge is cashless right now, meaning that no cash will be accepted for any transaction, including check in.


It is also important to note that there will be no housekeeping during your stay, to limit contact with employees.


Front Desk of Great Wolf Lodge Arizona


This wasn’t a big deal to us, I would just recommend bringing along some Clorox Wipes for quick clean ups.  


If you need your garbage emptied, just leave the full cans outside of your door and it will be emptied quickly.


Antibacterial hand wipes from Great Wolf Lodge


Also, if you are in need of anything during your stay, you can send a quick text to Willow (who will text you before you arrive) and whatever you need will be left outside your door.


We used this feature when we needed an extra blanket in our room.


Bedroom of Grizzly Bear Suite at Great Wolf Lodge Arizona


Great Wolf Lodge Health Questionnaire


About 24 hours before check in, you will also receive an email with a health-screening questionnaire.


Health Questionnaire from Great Wolf Lodge

Health Questionnaire from Great Wolf Lodge


This questionnaire will ask you if you or anyone in your family have any symptoms or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive or if you have been asked to quarantine, etc.


Health Questionnaire from Great Wolf Lodge

Health Questionnaire from Great Wolf Lodge


If anyone in your family is feeling under the weather, Great Wolf Lodge has a pretty nice cancellation policy in place right now. So, don’t hesitate to cancel if this is the case.


List of COVID safety precautions at Great Wolf Lodge


All of these safety requirements are posted in many places throughout the resort to remind everyone what is expected.


Social Distancing


The Paw Pledge promises to protect guests by practicing and actively enforcing 6-feet social distancing within the lodge.


Social Distancing marker at Great Wolf Lodge


There are social distancing markers all over the resort, especially in places where lines or groups of people may form.


Drinking fountains are currently closed for obvious reasons, so make sure to plan ahead and bring your own bottle of water.


Closed drinking fountain


When riding in an elevator to and from your hotel room, only one family is allowed at a time. 


Only one family per elevator sign at Great Wolf Lodge


Story Time


Special events are like story time and yoga, are still happening at this time. There are a few things to be aware of though.


Story time area at Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona


These events are functioning at limited capacity. Once the event fills up, no other guests will be let in. If this is something your kids want to participate in, make sure to arrive early.


Full event at Great Wolf Lodge


We came about 10 minutes before story time each night, and we were able to join in every time.


Story time at Great Wolf Lodge


Guests are also socially distanced during these events through markers located on the floor.


Social distancing marker for story time at Great Wolf Lodge during COVID


Characters like Wiley Wolf may appear, but will not be available for hugs and high fives.


Wiley Wolf smiling in story time at Great Wolf Lodge during COVID


Water Park


In the water park, lounge chairs have been distanced from each other to separate groups of people and allow everyone plenty of space.


Socially distanced pool chairs at Great Wolf Lodge during COVID


There are many signs to remind everyone to stay 6-feet apart, which especially important in the water park.


Additional seating at Great Wolf Lodge


When waiting in line for a waterslide, there are social distancing markers on the stairs (green tape) to show you where to stand so that you are not too close to other guests.


Reminder sign at the pool at Great Wold Lodge during COVID


Unfortunately, the hot tub is also closed at this time to ensure social distancing. I was pretty sad.


Hot Tub at Great Wolf Lodge is closed


Arcade, Ropes Course, & Magi Quest


In the arcade, not only are there markers on the floor, but there are signs reminding you to only play certain games with members of your family.


Socially Distancing sign at Great Wolf Lodge during COVID


On the ropes course, only one guest at a time is allowed on a platform, to keep people from gathering too close together.


Social distancing marker on Great Wolf Lodge Ropes course


There are also social distance markings near each MagiQuest station to keep kids from gathering together.


Social distancing markers near MagiQuest games at Great Wolf Lodge during COVID




In restaurants, mobile ordering through the Great Wolf Lodge app is encouraged and there are markers on the floors to keep people six feet apart.


Social distancing markers outside Dunkin Donuts at Great Wolf Lodge


Tables in restaurants have been spaced out to give each family enough room to enjoy their meals.


Contactless Environments


Great Wolf Lodge has implemented many procedures to help minimize surface contact and unnecessary touches, starting right at check in.


Great Wolf Lodge App

Great Wolf Lodge App


You can to check in to your room online or on the Great Wolf Lodge app 24 hours before your arrival.


Contactless payment at Great Wolf Lodge Arizona


When paying for a meal or an item at the gift shop, you can use a credit card, or charge to your room with your Great Wolf Lodge wrist band. This came in handy during our stay, and I used it often.


Plexiglass dividers at Great Wolf Lodge during COVID


Plexiglass dividers have been been installed in many locations between guests and employees.


Increased Cleaning Procedures


Although there is no housekeeping service during your stay at Great Wolf Lodge, cleaning and sanitizing protocols have increased throughout the rest of the resort.


Increased Cleaning at Great Wolf Lodge during COVID


When checking in, the area is cleaned between each guest and attractions like the rock wall and ropes course are closed frequently for cleaning.


Hand Sanitizing Stations


What I noticed at Great Wolf Lodge was an abundance of hand sanitizing locations.


Hand sanitizing station at Great Wolf Lodge during COVID


They were located outside of each attraction, in the lobby, next to restaurant entrances, and all over the water park.


Hand sanitizing station at Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona during COVID


Mask Requirements


All guests at Great Wolf Lodge ages 5 and older, are required to wear a face covering that fully covers their nose and mouth, and secures under their chin in all public areas of the resort.


Children wearing masks at Great Wolf Lodge during COVID


Exceptions to this rule are while you are actively dining, visiting an outdoor area where a physical distance of 6 feet is maintainable, or when actively enjoying the water park.


Face requirement sign at Great Wolf Lodge during COVID


During our stay at Great Wolf Lodge in Arizona, this was the only safety protocol that I saw many guests having a hard time doing, which was a little frustrating at times.


A child wearing a mask at Great Wolf Lodge during COVID


Directional Markings


In order to maintain social distancing and help lines flow better throughout the resort, we saw many directional arrows letting guests know which way to go.


Directional markings at Great Wolf Lodge during COVID


Great Wolf Lodge COVID Review


I hope that this video has helped you see what is going on at Great Wolf Lodge to help keep you safe if you decide to visit. We had a great time and enjoyed everything that the resort has to offer.


Christmas tree at Great Wolf Lodge Arizona


Make sure to check out my video with a tour of the Arizona location, as well as locations in Grand Mound Washington, and Anaheim California. I will link them down below in the description.


Entrance to Great Wolf Lodge Arizona


You can also find full reviews of each of these resorts here in my Great Wolf Lodge section. Make sure to subscribe, if you haven’t already, and I’ll see you next time!



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