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Eating Your Way Through Disneyland Paris

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Enjoy a culinary journey through Disneyland Paris, where the magic of Disney meets French cuisine. From the convenience of snack kiosks and quick service bites to the enchanting experiences of table service and character dining, this guide unveils a world of taste delights. Discover how meal plans, from half board to full board, can transform your stay into a hassle-free gastronomic adventure. Bon appétit!

A Mickey Mouse ice cream from Disneyland Paris.

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Introduction to Dining at Disneyland Paris

Taking on a culinary journey at Disneyland Paris that includes more than standard foods available at theme parks, opens up a world of enchantment, where each bite tells a story. Within its magical bounds—from the thrilling Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park to the vibrant Disney Village and the luxurious Disneyland Hotel—lies a diverse array of dining experiences waiting to be discovered. Join me as we set the stage for an exploration that’s as tantalizing to the taste buds as it is to the imagination. 

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Booking a Disneyland Paris Vacation

Before we get started with the yummy stuff, let’s talk about booking a trip to Disneyland Paris. I recommend monitoring flight prices and purchase when the cost is low. Then give my friend at Get Away Today a call and let them help you plan your Disneyland package.

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A woman inside the Deluxe Lounge at the Disneyland Hotel Paris.
Inside the Deluxe Lounge at the Disneyland Hotel

Types of Dining

At Disneyland Paris, the array of dining options astounds, ranging from quick service spots that offer sheer convenience for those bustling from one ride to another, to exquisite fine dining experiences that require reservations well in advance.

This melting pot of culinary delights ensures there’s something to satisfy every palate, whether you’re seeking a swift bite or a leisurely, luxurious meal. The diversity and ease of choices across the park underscore its commitment to elevating the dining experience, making it an integral part of the enchantment Disneyland Paris offers.

And if you’re visiting with your family, it is good to know that most restaurants have dedicated children’s menus available.

A Mickey Mouse Cake Pop from Disneyland Paris.
Mickey Mouse Cake Pop from Candy Palace

On-the-Go Snacks

Strolling through Disneyland Paris, you can’t help but be enticed by the myriad of snack kiosks peppered across the park. These little havens offer quick bites that are perfect for on-the-go munching, with classics like ice cream and hot dogs always ready to satisfy your cravings.

What makes them even more appealing is their ease of access, ensuring that no matter where your adventures in Disneyland Paris take you, a delicious treat is never far away.  These locations are a great place to grab a quick snack.

Disneyland Pris On-the-Go Locations

Inside Market House Deli at Disneyland Paris.
Market House Deli Quick Service

Quick Service

Disneyland Paris dazzles not only with its attractions but also with its array of quick service options. Ideal for those moments when hunger strikes unexpectedly between meeting your favorite characters and embarking on thrilling rides.

Quick service restaurants are similar to fast food. Each counter offers a delightful variety, ensuring that cravings for anything from a hearty burger to a light salad are satisfied with speed and efficiency. It’s the perfect way to refuel and dive back into the magic without missing a beat. We liked Casey’s Corner on Main Street and Stark Factory.

Disneyland Paris Quick Service Dining Locations:

PYM Test Kitchen at Walt Disney Studios in Paris.
PYM Kitchen Buffet Restaurant

Table Service & Buffet Restaurants

Dining at Disneyland Paris transforms a mere meal into an unforgettable adventure, especially within its table service restaurants. Picture this: you’re not just having dinner; you’re embarking on a culinary journey. The elegance of fine dining merges with unique themes, transporting you into the stories you adore.

Whether feasting in the company of pirates at Captain Jack’s or enjoying a regal meal at Auberge de Cendrillon, every bite feels magical. Here, food tells a story, and you’re always the honored guest. Note that most Disneyland Paris restaurants require an advanced table reservations.

Disneyland Paris Table Service Restaurants & Buffets:

Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Paris.
Mickey Mouse at Disneyland Paris

Character Dining

Imagine the delight when you add a sprinkle of magic to your mealtime at Disneyland Paris! At select table-service restaurants, you can indulge in a unique character dining experience. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the memories you create as your favorite Disney characters stop by your table.

This enchanting experience comes at an extra cost, but the joy and excitement in the eyes of loved ones are truly priceless. It’s a must-do for making dining truly unforgettable. 

Character Dining Experiences

A dad and two teenagers at PYM Kitchen in Disneyland Paris.
Eating at PYM Kitchen

Everything We Ate at Disneyland Paris

Before arriving at Disneyland Paris, I had reserved five table service restaurants for my family. But we ended up cancelling all but one because we had such delicious snacks in the Deluxe Lounge at the Disneyland Hotel. Below, you will find reviews of everything we ate in Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, Disney Village, and the Disneyland Hotel.

Disneyland Park

Market House Deli: We had lunch at Market House Deli on Main Street on our first day. It was the perfect place to sit down and take a break. My husband and I had a Croque-Monsieur for 8,5€. My 16-year-old had a Mickey Sandwich with Pretzel Bread, Ham, Emmental Cheese and Kiri® for 9,5€. My 9-year-old had a Beignet Mickey with Chocolate-Hazelnut Flavour for 4,5€, and my 14-year old had a Pain au chocolat for 2€.

Croque Monsieur from Disneyland Paris.
Croque Monsieur
A boy holding a Mickey Mouse sandwich from Disneyland Paris.
Mickey Mouse Sandwich
A boy holding a pan au chocolat at Disneyland Paris.
Pan Au Chocolat

The Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor: My oldest boys had ice cream for a snack on our second day. One had two scoops of Ben & Jerry’s® Strawberry Ice Cream for 5€, and the other had Ben & Jerry’s® Salted Caramel Ice Cream for 5€.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream from Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor at Disneyland Paris.
Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Candy Palace: We grabbed a quick treat from Candy Palace on Main Street after the parade. I had a Chocolate Mickey Mouse Cake Pop for 4€, and my son had Cookies & Cream Fudge for 4€.

Cookies & Cream fudge from Disneyland Paris.
Cookies & Cream Fudge

Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost: After riding Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril, my boys had a Sprite and a Coke Zero for 4€ each.

Two kids with soda at Disneyland Paris.
Sprite & Coke Zero

Casey’s Corner: On our last evening, my boys wanted to get a quick dinner so we stopped at Casey’s Corner on Main Street. My 16-year-old had a Classic Hot Dog (Beef Sausage with Ketchup and American Mustard) for 10€, ​my 9-year-old had a Hot Dog (Beef Sausage with Nachos, Caramelized Onions and Barbecue Sauce) for 11€.

Two kids eating hot dogs from Casey's Corner at Disneyland Paris.
Hot Dogs from Casey’s Corner

Walt Disney Studios Park

PYM Kitchen: We had lunch at this buffet restaurant located in Avengers Campus on our third day. The adult price was 45 and the child price was 25 and both include a soft drink. Here are some of the food choices. Egg rolls, jambalaya, roasted potatoes, cauliflower, green beans, chicken wings, mini cheeseburgers, giant cheeseburger, pasta, soup, shrimp, assorted meats and cheeses, salad, cheese and crackers, corndogs, fries, soft serve ice cream, and assorted cakes, pastries, and tarts.

A plate of buffet food from PYM Kitchen at Disneyland Paris.
Buffet Food Choices
A plate of assorted desserts from PYM Kitchen at Disneyland Paris.
Assorted Desserts from Disneyland Paris

Disney Village

New York Style Sandwiches: My husband and oldest boys picked up dinner for us here while in Disney Village. My 16-year old had a Mickey Mouse Pepperoni Pizza 16, my 14-year-old had Rigatoni Pasta 14, and my husband and I had a Ham Sandwich 11€. This meal was not our favorite. I recommend trying Annette’s Diner or Earl of Sandwich in Disney Village.

A Mickey Mouse-shaped pizza from Disney Village.
Mickey Mouse Pizza

Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Lounge

Breakfast: Staying in a Deluxe room gave us access to breakfast each day in the Deluxe Lounge. Here are some of the things we ate. Assorted cold cereals, salmon, mini blinis, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, sandwiches, ham, chicken breast, assorted cheeses, yogurt, fresh fruit, crepes, porridge, pancakes, crown waffles, bacon, potatoes, sausage, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, baked beans, assorted breads, croissants, dried fruits, pain au chocolate, and hard boiled eggs.

Breakfast items from the Deluxe Lounge at the Disneyland Hotel Paris.
Breakfast from the Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Lounge

Tea Time: From 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM we were able to visit the lounge for drinks and snacks. Here are some of the snacks that were available.Croissants, pan au chocolat, crepes, mini pizza pockets, mini quiche, assorted vegetables, salads, hummus, custard pie, and small cakes.

A plate of snacks from Tea Time at the Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Lounge.
Tea Time Snacks from the Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Lounge

All Day Beverages: Various soft drinks, hot chocolate, coffees, and espresso are available all day.

A mug of Hot Chocolate from the Disneyland hotel at Disneyland Paris.
Hot Chocolate from the Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Lounge

Disneyland Paris Meal Plans

At Disneyland Paris, meal plans are a game-changer for food enthusiasts like us, offering an array of dining options tailored to our needs. These plans are available to add to your vacation package for all Disney hotel guests booked with the Walt Disney Travel Company.

Whether you opt for breakfasthalf board, or full board, each plan comes with its own set of perks, from delightful breakfast buffets at your hotel to delectable lunch and dinner meals at over 20 restaurants. It’s an ideal way to savor every culinary moment without the hassle of constantly reaching for your wallet. Trust me, it adds a dash of magic to your adventures, garnished with convenience and savings. 

Croissants from the Disneyland Hotel Deluxe Lounge in Paris.
Croissants from the Deluxe Lounge


Starting the day at Disneyland Paris, breakfast options under the meal plans are a delight, ranging from buffet breakfasts at Disney hotels to continental options. It’s not just about the convenience; it’s about embarking on a culinary journey from the very first meal of the day.

Imagine sinking your teeth into a freshly baked croissant or filling up on a hearty breakfast before a magical day in the parks—each option caters to a wide array of tastes and preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Full Board

With this plan, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are sorted, allowing you to fully immerse in the magic without a pause. It’s the ultimate choice for those of us looking to experience the wide array of cuisines available across the parks and hotels, wrapping convenience and variety into one enchanting package. 

Two teenagers with ice cream in Discovery Land at Disneyland Paris.
Eating Ice Cream from Gibson Girl

Half Board

Imagine starting your day with a lavish breakfast buffet at your Disney hotel, fueling up for the adventures ahead. And then, there’s the flexibility of choosing between lunch or dinner for your second meal of the day, allowing us to plan our dining around our park activities or sudden cravings.

It was an ideal choice for those days when we knew we’d want a leisurely hotel breakfast but also craved the freedom to decide on the fly whether to have a late lunch in the park or a magical dinner experience. 

Final Thoughts

From delightful quick snacks to exquisite fine dining, Disneyland Paris offers a culinary journey worth exploring. Remember to dive into the variety of restaurants and meal plans to enhance your experience. Always book in advance and discover the unique dining opportunities awaiting on your magical visit. 

Disneyland Paris Quote.

My friends at Get Away Today would love to help you plan a visit to DISNEYLAND® Paris. Call them at 855-GET-AWAY or tap the button below to get a FREE quote and be sure to mention Mommy Mouse Clubhouse sent you!

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