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LEGOLAND Castle Hotel Review & Tour

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The Legoland Castle Hotel is the perfect vacation destination for families with young children looking to make magical memories. The hotel features themed rooms, a grand lobby with LEGO statues, and delightful dining experiences. Take a tour of this adorable hotel and find out if I think the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel is worth the splurge!

Outside view of the Legoland Castle Hotel.

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About Legoland Castle Hotel

Legoland Castle Hotel is located in Carlsbad, California, just steps from the entrance to LEGOLAND California theme park entrance which is about 35 miles from downtown San Diego, The hotel offers more than just comfortable accommodations; it is a perfect setting to bring your imagination to life and explore the world of LEGOs.

The hotel’s exterior is dreamy and inviting, with colorful turrets, arches, and winding towers all reflecting the enchanting atmosphere of a castle built of LEGOs. 

Families can enter through the grand lobby filled with life-size LEGO statues and find themselves surrounded by wonderful surprises. From building blocks in the hallway to special photo ops in every corner, kids are sure to be delighted by their surroundings.

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Outside view of the Legoland Castle Hotel.

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Benefits of the Legoland Castle Hotel

Staying at either of the LEGOLAND hotels can be expensive, but it does come with some perks that can help offset the cost through experience and convenience.

Free Breakfast Buffet

 From 7:00 am to 11:00 am, LEGOLAND Castle Hotel guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet for free. It includes all your favorite morning treats, like pancakes, cereal and eggs. 

Free breakfast buffet at the Legoland Castle Hotel.
Breakfast Buffet

Early Entrance into LEGOLAND

Guests at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel get early access to the park 30-60 minutes prior to the park opening. This means you can get a head start on the day, avoid long lines and make sure your family gets the most out of their LEGOLAND experience.

A child and his dad in a boat ride at Legoland California.
LEGOLAND California

Kid-Friendly Themed Rooms

The LEGOLAND Castle Hotel features awesome themed rooms that are perfect for families with young kids.

Free LEGO Events & Activities

There are always different LEGO activities and events happening throughout the hotel. From building challenges to nightly story time, kids can stay entertained without leaving the hotel. 

A LEGO statue at the Legoland Castle Hotel.

Legoland Castle Hotel Parking Fees

As a hotel guest, you will pay a nightly parking fee of $27 to self-park and $37 for valet parking.

You can pay for parking ahead of time when you book, but I had read reviews that some who did that were charged for parking twice, so I chose to have it automatically charged at the end of my stay along with the nightly resort fee.

Two kids standing in front of the Legoland Castle Hotel.

What Does the Resort Fee Include

The Legoland Castle Hotel charges a nightly resort fee of $30+tax charged to your credit card on file at the end of your stay.

This resort fee includes nightly in-room refreshments, nightly surprises for the kids, luggage service, standard wireless internet, exclusive experiences, and local and domestic long-distance phone calls.

A Lego statue outside the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel.

Check-In Process

A day or two before you arrive at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel, you should receive an email with check-in instructions. You will be given a code that will get you into the LEGOLAND parking lot.

On the day of your arrival, you will receive an email or text letting you know when your room is ready. Check-in time is 4:00 pm, but our room happened to be ready by 12:30 pm.

Once you pull up to the entrance, you can choose to valet park or self-park and then drop off your luggage with the bellman.

Inside the lobby, you will use this kiosk and enter the code that was emailed to you. Your room keys will be printed here. 

When I checked in, there were hotel employees there to help with the process, in case any problems arose.

Check-in kiosk in the Lobby of the Legoland Castle Hotel.
Check-In Kiosk

Hotel Lobby 

The hotel lobby area is adorable and is over the top with the LEGO castle theme. Make sure to try out the LEGO pit for kids of all ages to play with and build and the different interactive LEGO features, which are great to keep them busy while you check-in.

Lobby of the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel.

Be sure to watch for all of the giant LEGO models and Minifigures located in the lobby and also throughout the hotel.

There is no official front desk in the lobby, just the kiosk where you check in. There is also a fun slide that your kids won’t want to miss and sometimes live entertainment, like a juggler!

A LEGO statue at the Legoland Castle Hotel.

Resort Activities

One of the perks of staying at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel or the LEGOLAND Hotel are the fun extra activities available.

Entertainment schedule at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel.

Here you can see what was on the schedule for the day we arrived. There were different character meet & greets, Royal Games, a LEGO Model Build Showcase, Knight School, Fairytale Storytime, Merlin’s Magic Show, and Kingless Kingdom.

We happened to run into a LEGO Princess just outside the gift shop when we were exploring the hotel.

A child and a LEGO princess.

Knights & Dragons Deluxe Suite Room Tour

There are a few different themed rooms available at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel that are large enough to accommodate the entire family. They vary in price, depending on size,

We chose to splurge on this trip and book the Knights & Dragons Deluxe Suite. Let’s take a tour!

Living room of Knights & Dragons Deluxe Suite at Legoland Castle Hotel.
Living Room

Living Room/Sitting Area

As you enter the room, you will be in the sitting area or living room with a couch and a chair, plus these soft rectangles that we used for extra chairs and tables. There is also a large smart tv hanging on the wall. This room had so many LEGO accents that help immerse you in the experience.

LEGO decor in Legoland Castle Hotel.
Living Room
LEGO decor in Legoland Castle Hotel.
Living Room
LEGO decor in Legoland Castle Hotel.
LEGO Decor

One thing to note is that you will need to have a card, like a room key or old gift card, in this slot by the front door for the lights to work.

Card slot to keep lights on in a Legoland Castle Hotel room.
Room Key Slot

This is a safe that holds treasures that can be unlocked by completing a scavenger hunt to find out the combination. I’ll show you more about that later.

Treasure chest in a Legoland Castle Hotel room.
Treasure Chest

The couch folds out into a queen-size bed and my 15-year-old said it was actually pretty comfortable.

Sofa bed in the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel.
Sofa Bed

Closet/Storage Area

As you move past the sitting area, this is where you will find a coffee maker, or hot chocolate maker for my kids, a refrigerator, safe, garbage cans, and a container of LEGO bricks for kids to play with while in the room.

Closet & storage area in Knights & Dragons Deluxe suite.
Closet/Storage Area
Lego ice bucket.
Ice Bucket

We had water bottles and apple juice boxes that are included with your hotel stay and are replenished daily.

Water and apple juice on a black tray.
Coffee and hot chocolate k-cups in Legoland Hotel room.

There is also a small open closet with a suitcase stand and extra pillows and blankets for the sleeper sofa.

LEGOs, safe, and mini fridge in Legoland hotel.
A child playing with LEGO bricks provided in a Legoland Castle Hotel Room.

Bunk Bed Room

This room has a set of twin bunk beds and also a trundle bed that pulls out and can sleep a third child. Each bed has fun little accents.

Bunk bed room in Knights & Dragons Deluxe Suite.
Bunk Bed Room
Bunk Beds with a trundle pull out at Legoland Castle Hotel.
Bunk Beds & Trundle Bed

There is also a smart tv in this room. And a spot where you can build LEGOs on the wall.

Large tv mounted to the wall.

My kids loved that at night, you could flip a switch that turns on a star constellation on the ceiling.

Lego board on the wall of bunk bed room.
LEGO Board Mounted to the Wall

King Bedroom

This room had a King bed, two chairs, a small nightstand on each side of the bed, and a dresser. The fun thing about this room at night is the picture of the bed that lights up!

King Bedroom in Knights & Dragons Suite.
King Bedroom
Dresser in King Bedroom.
Dresser Storage
View from King bedroom in Knights and Dragons Deluxe Suite.
Chair in King Bedroom
Lego light over the King sized bed.
Artwork Light over King Bed
Night stand with outlet, usb port, and tv remote.
Night Stand with Outlet & TV Remote


The bathroom has two sinks and a step stool for little ones. The cute lego theming continues in here as well.

Double vanity with large mirror.
Double Sink Vanity
Legoland Hotel hand soap.
Hand Soap

The toilet and shower are in a separate room from the sinks, which is nice. The shower had hair & body wash and conditioner, which we were not fans of, so luckily we had brought our own.

Shower and toilet in Knights & Dragons Deluxe Suite.
Shower & Toilet
Shower in Legoland Hotel Bathroom.
Shower & Tub
Shampoo & Conditioner in shower of Legoland Castle Hotel room.
Hair/Body Wash & Conditioner

The cool thing about the toilet is that there is a built in training seat for little kids.

Toilet with child seat at Legoland Castle Hotel.
Toilet with Child Seat
Lego artwork in the bathroom.
Bathroom LEGO Decor

Castle Hotel Pool

The outdoor pool area was really large and super fun. One end has zero entry and large LEGOS to play with. There are lifejackets provided and kids under 48 inches were required to wear one. There are also towels available for use at the pool and we were able to take them back to the room with us when necessary.

Legoland Castle pool.
Legoland Castle pool.

The pool was heated, but my kids said that it was still cold. There is a hot tub that was pretty spacious.

Hot tub at Legoland Castle Hotel.
Hot Tub
Lego statue near the pool.

Cabanas are available to rent next to the pool.

Cabanas available for rent at Legoland Castle Hotel.
Cabans for Rent

There was a pool snack bar for pool-side food but unfortunately, it was closed during our stay.

Pool-side snack bar at Legoland Hotel.
Pool-Side Snack Bar

Royal Courtyard Outdoor Cinema & Playground

Right next to the pool is an outdoor cinema with couches and chairs that face a large screen. We saw the LEGO Movie playing on there twice as well as other LEGO videos.

Sign for the Outdoor Cinema at the Legoland Castle Hotel.
Couches set up in front of a large screen outside.

Also in the courtyard was a larger playground for older kids and a fenced-off playground for younger kids.

Legoland Castle Hotel playground.
Legoland Castle Hotel playground.

The Royal Stage is an outdoor stage located next to the playground with grassy hills for kids to sit on.

Royal Stage at LEGOLAND Castle Hotel.
A LEGO statue.

Dinner at Dragon’s Den

We decided to have dinner at Dragon’s Den located inside the Castle Hotel. If you want to eat here, you will need a reservation, but we were able to get one same day.

Entrance to the Dragon's Den restaurant.
Lego statue outside Dragon's Den.

Inside the restaurant, there is a LEGO playing area similar to the one in the lobby as well as LEGO building tables, that kids can use to stay entertained while you wait for your table.

Dining area of Dragon's Den restaurant at Legoland Castle Hotel.
Dragon’s Den
Lego statue inside Dragon's Den restaurant.

The dinner menu had a pretty good variety of entrees to choose from, there seemed to be something for everyone.

Menu for Legoland Dragon's Den restaurant.
Dinner Menu
Dinner Menu for Legoland Dragon's Den restaurant.
Dinner Menu

My husband and I had the Blackened Chicken Sandwich with a side salad. My kids had the Dragon Burger, a kid’s cheeseburger, and kids’ chicken strips. Room Service from Dragon’s Den is available to hotel guests.

Blackened Chicken Sandwich from Legoland Dragon's Den restaurant.
Blackened Chicken Sandwich
Cheesburger from Dragon's Den.
Dragon Burger & Fries
Kids chicken tenders and fries from Dragon's Den.
Kid’s Chicken Tenders & Fries
Kid's cheeseburger and fries from Legoland Dragon's Den.
Kid’s Cheeseburger & Fries

Gift Shop

The hotel had a small gift shop next to the Dragon’s Den. There were plenty of LEGO souvenirs as well as a few food and beverage items as well.

Gift shop at Legoland Castle Hotel.
Gift shop at Legoland Castle Hotel.

Free Breakfast

Included with your stay at the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel is a Free Breakfast Buffet. You will need a reservation for this as well, so be sure to book early so that you can get the time that you want. We made our reservation for 8:00 which gave us plenty of time to eat and be ready for early entry into the park.

The breakfast area is located inside the Dragon’s Den restaurant. Here are some of the items that are available for the buffet:

  • Oatmeal and a variety of toppings
  • Cold cereal
  • Scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, pork sausage, and bacon
  • Onions and peppers, Monte Cristo sandwiches, and omelets
  • Roasted Potatoes, Tater Tots, and a Build-Your-Own breakfast sandwich
  • Muffins and breads, waffles, fruit toppings, butter, and whipped cream
  • Vanilla yogurt, strawberry yogurt, granola, and hard boiled eggs
  • Mixed greens and mixed fruit
  • Biscuits and sausage gravy
  • More sausage, bacon, and eggs
  • French Toast and pancakes
  • Apples, oranges, and bananas
  • Bagles, toast, jam, and cream cheese
Breakfast items from the Legoland Castle Hotel free breakfast buffet.
Breakfast items from the Legoland Castle Hotel free breakfast buffet.
Breakfast items from the Legoland Castle Hotel free breakfast buffet.

Proximity to Legoland Park

With a stay at either of the LEGOLAND hotels, you are entitled to enter the park 30-60 minutes before the park officially opens.

The great thing about these hotels is that the main entrance of LEGOLAND California is right out the door giving you easy access.

Two kids in front of Legoland California.
Entrance to LEGOLAND California

Attractions open for early entry include: 

  • Coastersaurus
  • Fairy Tale Brook
  • Coast Cruise
  • NINJAGO The Ride 

We were able to ride NINJAGO The Ride and Coast Cruise before the park opened to the general public.

Three kids ready to go on NINJAGO the Ride.
NINJAGO the Ride

Treasure Chest Scavenger Hunt

As I mentioned during the room tour, each room has a safe, or treasure chest, inside that contains some kind of treasure. Kids can go all over the hotel looking for clues that will help them figure out the combination to the safe to retrieve the prizes inside.

My 13-year-old and 8-year-old were able to crack the code in about 20 minutes, while also getting to know the hotel.

Treasure chest in a Legoland Castle Hotel room.
Treasure Chest
Prizes from the treasure box in a Legoland Castle Hotel.
Prizes from the Treasure Chest

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Legoland Castle Hotel located?

The Legoland Castle Hotel is located in Carlsbad, California.

What types of rooms are available at the hotel?

The hotel offers themed rooms designed specifically for families with children ages 3-12 that feature two or three separate sleeping areas.

Are there any dining options available onsite?

Yes, guests of Legoland Castle Hotel can enjoy unique dining experiences each day including breakfast at Dragon’s Den restaurant.

What makes this hotel stand out from other area hotels?

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel sets itself apart by creating an atmosphere that centers around creative playtime while providing a memorable vacation experience for everyone involved—including parents! With its charming design, theme-park convenience and LEGOLAND spirit throughout you can guarantee this hotel will leave you feeling spellbound from start to finish.

LEGOLAND Castle Hotel at LEGOLAND California.

Other Hotels to Consider In The Area

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this review of the LEGOLAND Castle Hotel. We absolutely loved our experience there including over-the-top theming, spacious room, free breakfast, and proximity to the park.

Some things we didn’t like were the parking fee, the resort fee, the shampoo & conditioner, and that’s about it.

If you want to splurge on your next LEGOLAND vacation, I do recommend this hotel, and will probably stay here again in the future.

Remember to check prices for this hotel and discount LEGOLAND tickets from Get Away Today here or give them a call at 855-GET-AWAY and let them know Mommy Mouse Clubhouse sent you!

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