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Disney Cruise Internet (What You Need to Know)

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If you’re planning a Disney Cruise, you may be wondering about the best way to stay connected while you’re at sea. Disney Cruise Line offers several different internet plans, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. In general, the cruise line’s Wi-Fi is sometimes reliable but can be expensive. Here’s everything you need to know about Disney Cruise WiFi cost, reliability, and why you may or may not need to purchase a plan. 

A picture of the Disney Wonder cruise ship in Ensenada, Mexico.

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Staying connected while on vacation is important, but can be expensive and unreliable. Taking a cruise is a time to relax and disconnect from the world, but sometimes you need to stay connected for work or family emergencies. 

Disney Cruise Line offers several different internet plans to help you if Wi-Fi access is a necessity for you. In general, the cruise line’s wifi is sometimes reliable but can be very, VERY expensive.

Below I will give you information on the Disney Internet Plans available during your cruise as well as provide some pros and cons to help you decide if purchasing Wi-Fi on a Disney Cruise Ship will be worth it to you.

Disney Cruise Internet Prices

Is There Wi-Fi Onboard Disney Cruises?

Yes! For most cruisers, being at sea is the perfect time to disconnect from the world and just enjoy your family and friends. But, there are times when that isn’t always an option for some guests.

Whether you need to keep in touch with family members at home, you child needs to complete school assignments, or your job requires you to be able to be reached while away, Disney has plans to help you stay connected.

Entrance to Animator's Palate on the Disney Wonder.

Through [email protected], Disney Cruise Line offers a variety of on board Internet packages to suit your needs. Depending on how much you use your wireless devices, you can choose from a variety of plans.


Once you’ve boarded, access our DCL-GUEST Wi-Fi network to learn about the different offerings and specific pricing for your cruise. You can use your data plan on as many devices as you want. Your Internet plan will be charged to your stateroom folio.”

Disney Cruise door decorations for stateroom 8672 on the Disney Wonder.
Stateroom Door Decorations

Disney Cruise Wi-Fi Package Costs

Below you will find the prices for each Disney Cruise internet package that is available.

Pay-As-You-Go per MB

With this plan, you will be charged $0.25 per MB used. This is a great option if you plan to check your texts or email quickly, then log off.


The “Small Plan” will get you 100 MB of data for $19.00.


The “Medium Plan” offers you 300 MB for $39.00.


The “Large Plan” is the best value and will give you 1000 MB for $89.00.

Prices for wifi packages on Disney Cruise Line.

How to Connect to the Internet on a Disney Cruise

When you board the Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, Disney Wonder, Disney Dream or Disney Wish, you will need to connect to the “DCL-GUEST” WiFi and turn your phone on airplane mode.

This will allow you to use the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App. When you open the Navigator App, you will find “[email protected]”. If you click on that, you will be taken to a page that will show you all of the options I mentioned above.

You can make you selection, then make your desired purchase. After your purchase, you will be able to see a page that displays your data usage.

How to connect to Disney Cruise internet.
Disney Cruise Line Navigator

How to Get Free Wi-Fi on Day One

Every DCL guest is allowed 50 MB of internet service for free on the first day of the cruise. To access this, you will follow the same steps as mentioned above. But, you must sign up for this 50 MB before midnight on Day 1.

Free Disney Cruise Wifi.

Internet Usage Tips

There are some things that can use up your [email protected] wifi on a Disney Cruise. Make sure that before you sign in to use the Wi-Fi access you have purchased, you have turned off all of your apps, apps that may be in the background, apps that have automatic updates, your photo stream, etc. 

If these things are running while you connect to the internet, they will use up your data quickly. Also, make sure to logout of the [email protected] wifi as when you are finished, so that it will not continue to use up your data, while you’re not actively using your plan.

Free ice cream station on the Disney Wonder.
Ice Cream Stand on the Disney Wonder

How Fast is WiFi Speed at Sea

Being at sea, you can plan on Wi-Fi speeds being significantly slower than what you are used to on land. The further away from land you are, the slower the Wi-Fi speed will be.

But, if you need to download or upload anything big, I recommend doing so when the ship is docked. The closer to land = the better and faster speeds you will have.

View of the Pacific Ocean from a verandah on the Disney Wonder.

Other Ways to Access the Internet on a Disney Cruise

The [email protected] Wi-Fi packages are great for use on sea days, but when you are in port, there are other options that will allow you to get online, without these plans.

Many service providers offer international plans for around $10 a day, which is a great option for use for port days. You will want to check with your own carrier to see what is provided.

A family standing in front of surf boards in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Port of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If you are looking for free Wi-Fi on a Disney Cruise port day, there are many cafes that are close to the ship that offer free wifi to their customers. This is a great option if you just want to check your email quickly when you get off the ship.

Occasionally, some phones will randomly work at some ports. For example, on one of our cruises, my phone did not work in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, but it worked a couple of days later on St. Thomas. But my husbands phone did not work in either port, so your mileage may vary.

Senior Frogs in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


If you happen to have an iPhone, you may be able to send text messages through iMessage both to others iPhone customers onboard, as well as iPhone users back home.

On our last Cruise to the Mexican Riviera on the Disney Wonder, my husband, son, and I were able to message each other, and could message my mom back at home to check on our dog. But halfway through the cruise, this ability randomly stopped working for my son and I, but my husband could still text home.

The funnel of the Disney Wonder with a Mickey Mouse head.

What About the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App?

The Disney Cruise Line Navigator App is a necessity now days on a Disney Cruise and is free to use for all guests while onboard the ship.

Screenshot of the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App in the App Store.

With the absence of paper Navigators, etc., you will be using the app, multiple times a day to the the most up-to-date information from the cruise crew.

You will also need it to access the daily activities schedule, entertainment times, restaurant menus, port details and more!

Disney Cruise WiFi cost, reliability, and why you may or may not need to purchase a plan.” data-pin-title=”Everything You Need to Know About Disney Cruise WiFi” src=”×1024.jpeg” alt=”Screenshot of Royal Palace Menu from the Disney Dream.” class=”wp-image-19310″/>
Menu from the Disney Dream

You can also communicate with other friends and family that are sailing with you through the onboard chat feature, which was nice for us to keep track of our teenagers at the Vibe and Edge clubs on the ship.

You’ll want to download the app well before your cruise because you will be able to check in for your cruise, upload your passport, book onboard activities, and even show you a countdown for your upcoming sailing!

A countdown for a Disney Cruise in the Disney Navigator App.
Countdown in the Navigator App

What Devices Can Connect to DCL-GUEST?

Any device that allows you to access the internet, will be able to connect to DCL-Guest for use with the Disney Cruise Line Navigator App. We used the app on my son’s iPad recently, because he liked to keep an eye on the daily activities by himself.

Disney Cruise WiFi cost, reliability, and why you may or may not need to purchase a plan.” data-pin-title=”Everything You Need to Know About Disney Cruise WiFi” src=”×1024.jpeg” alt=”A screenshot of Disney Cruise activities on the Disney Dream.” class=”wp-image-19228″/>
Navigator App Showing Activities

How to Book a Disney Cruise

There are a couple of ways to book a Disney Cruise. You can book online at or you can book through a travel agent. I have booked both ways and have used a couple of different travel agents, and definitely prefer a travel agent.

Travel agents are great because they are pretty knowledgable about the different ships and itineraries and can help you find the right cruise for you and your family.

Disney Cruise WiFi cost, reliability, and why you may or may not need to purchase a plan.” data-pin-title=”Everything You Need to Know About Disney Cruise WiFi” src=”×1024.jpeg” alt=”The Disney Dream at Disney’s Castaway Cay.” class=”wp-image-19698″/>
Disney’s Castaway Cay

It’s also nice to have a travel agent because they can keep and eye on specials and do all of the leg work (like waiting on hold to talk to DCL) for you!

My preferred travel agency is Get Away Today. They have always been really helpful and have made the process of booking a cruise easy and seamless. If you would like a quote on a Disney Cruise, head to or give them a call at 1-800-GET-AWAY and tell them that Mommy Mouse Clubhouse sent you!

Deck 11 on the Disney Dream cruise ship.
Disney Dream

My Review

All in all, Disney’s wifi service is a good option for those who need to stay connected while on vacation. However, it can be expensive and the reliability is sometimes questionable. If you’re looking for an affordable and more reliable option, consider using your own hotspot or data plan. Have you ever used Disney Cruise Line’s wifi service? Let me know in the comments if you think you will use Disney’s wifi service.

Disney Cruise Internet

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