Sleepy Hollow Waffles

Get this delicious sandwich from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments at Disney's Magic Kingdom along with a Fruit & Nutella Waffle Sandwich, Mickey Waffle, or Corndog!

Chicken Tenders

Make your own chicken tenders or warm up some pre-made frozen chicken tenders on a large baking sheet. While the chicken is cooking, make the sauce.

Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Mix together butter, sriracha, oj, and honey over medium heat. Mix the water and corn starch together and add to the warmed sauce. Coat the chicken in the sauce.

Cole Slaw

Mix a package of Cole Slaw Mix with your favorite Cole Slaw Dressing to add to the tops of the waffle sandwiches.

Disney Waffles

Whisk the dry ingredients and wet ingredients separately, then stir together. Cook the waffle batter in a preheated waffle iron until it is golden brown.

Assemble Your Sandwich

Place a chicken tender in the center of your waffle and top with a scoop of Cole Slaw. Fold into a sandwich and enjoy! Tap below to get the full recipe.