The Best Apple Pie

This Apple Crumb Pie is a Dutch classic that's perfect for autumn. The flaky crust is filled with sweet apples and topped with a crumbly streusel.

Apple Pie Ingredients

You will need pie crust, Granny Smith Apples, sugar, flour, salt, butter, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Tap below for the ingredient amounts.

Make the Pie Filling

Peel and cut the apples then mix with sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt until the apples are fully coated.


Add Filling to Crust

Place the crust in a pie plate then add the apple pie filling. Cut the butter into slices and place on top of the pie filling.


Crumb Topping

Use a pastry blender to mix the flour, sugar, and butter into fine crumbs. Spread over the top of the pie.


Bake the Pie

Bake the pie at 425 degrees for 25 minutes, then cover with foil and bake for an additional 30-40 minutes.


Enjoy the Pie!

Allow the pie to cool and serve each slice with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream! Tap the link below for the full recipe.