Items You'll Need

To make Santa Sugar Cookies you will need pre-made cookie dough, pre-made frosting, red food coloring, Holiday M&Ms, frosting spatula, piping bag, and medium star tip.


Bake the Cookies

Bake the sugar cookies according to the package directions or use your favorite sugar cookie recipe.


Prepare the Frosting

Divide the frosting in half. Leave half of the frosting white and use gel food coloring to tint the other half of the frosting red.


Santa's Hat

Use a butter knife or small spatula to spread red frosting on the top 1/3 of the baked cookies.


Add Details

Fill a piping bag with white frosting and use a medium-sized star tip to trace a white line just below the bottom of the red frosting.


Tip of Santa's Hat

Pipe a large star on the right side of the cookie, just above the white line (the tip of Santa’s hat).


Santa's Face

Use the star tip to pipe two dots for Santa’s eyes with a little bit of frosting and two curves for his mustache.


Santa's Eyes & Nose

Place two green M&M’s on the white frosting dots for Santa’s eyes. Put a red M&M just above the mustache for his nose.