Your Guide to Disney World in February

Your Guide to Disney World in February includes five tips to plan an awesome vacation!

Your Guide to Disney World in February

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February is one of the best months to visit the Walt Disney World in Florida. The weather is mild, the lines are shorter and there are usually some pretty good deals to be had. With that said, there are a few things to consider if you plan to visit Disney World in February. You can think of this post as Your Guide to Disney World in February. Going to Disney World in March? Check out Your Guide to Disney World in March.

#1 Walt Disney World Crowd Sizes in February

The crowds at Walt Disney World in February are among the lowest of the year, which is why it is a great time to visit. Generally, the weekends will be a little busier than weekdays, but the crowds are still manageable. There are also some special events that happen at Disney World in Florida that can have an effect on crowd sizes. Make sure you check out my post The BEST Days to Visit Disney World in 2017 to see crowd calendars for every month in 2017.WDW Crowd Calendar February 2017

  • January 13-February 20 The Epcot International Festival of the Arts will be held Fridays-Mondays
  • February 3-5 Dance competitions will increase crowds slightly
  • February 11-12 Cheerleading competitions will increase crowds
  • February 18-24 Presidents Day Week will have higher crowd size
  • February 24-26 The Princess Half Marathon and Mardi Gras will bring higher crowd levels

When looking at crowd levels for Walt Disney World it’s generally the case that whatever park has Extra Magic Hours that day, will be the busiest park. If you don’t plan on taking advantage of the Extra Magic Hours, then choosing a different park will be the better choice.

#2 Average Weather at Walt Disney World in February

The weather is actually really pleasant at Disney World in February. The average high is in the mid 70s and lows are in the mid 50s.  You can pretty much always expect a little rain in Central Florida but February seems to be pretty mild when it comes to rain fall.  The monthly weather forecast for Orlando calls for sunny and partly cloudy days with a few days of light rain mixed in. Check here for a short term forecast.

#3 What to Pack for Walt Disney World in February

Knowing what to pack for a trip in February to Walt Disney World is important. You don’t want to be unprepared and end up having to use your vacation budget on things that could easily have been brought from home with a little planning. Make sure you check out my post on How Amazon Can Save You Money at Disney. Here are a few things you might want to consider packing if you’ll be traveling to Walt Disney World in February.

Pack an Umbrella, Poncho and Stroller Protection

The weather at Walt Disney World can be unpredictable. Rain storms can form and dissipate quickly. Be prepared with a small travel umbrella or a poncho. A poncho can also come in handy to wear on rides like Splash Mountain or Kali River Rapids to keep your clothes dry. If you are taking a stroller with you to Disney World, I recommend bringing a plastic shower curtain liner to cover your stroller while on rides and clothes pins to secure it. I did this on our last vacation and it was a life saver!

Pack Sun Protection

The Florida sun can be brutal, even in the winter months. Make sure that you are ready for the UV rays by packing some sunblock and a hat. Also make sure your kids are protected too. Nothing ruins a magical vacation like a sunburn!

Pack a Travel Blanket

A travel blanket is also a good idea to bring along to Walt Disney World in February. Not only will it keep you warm on those chilly February Disney World nights, but it can also serve another purpose. It can be a great to sit on while watching a parade or fireworks show.

Pack for both Warm and Cold Weather

The mornings and evenings at Walt Disney World can be pretty chilly, but the days will be warm. This makes packing clothing for Walt Disney World in February a little tricky. Pack jeans or long pants to stay warm and comfortable during the cooler temperatures. Wear a short-sleeved top and bring a lightweight jacket or sweater that can be kept in a backpack or worn around your waist during the day. Here are some cute options:

What to Wear at Disney WorldThis Castle “Home” T-Shirt Available Here

What to Wear at Disney World

This “Disney World Junkie” Sweatshirt Available Here

#4 Disney World Park Hours in February

Here is a calendar Walt Disney World Park Hours for February 2017. Extra Magic Hours are listed under the corresponding park in red. Times are always subject to change, so check Disney World’s website for current information.

MK=Magic Kingdom  HS=Hollywood Studios  AK=Animal Kingdom  EMH=Extra Magic Hours

Disney World Park Hours

#5 Ride Closures at Walt Disney World in February

The following Walt Disney World rides will be closed in February. As always, for current information check Disney World’s website.

Magic Kingdom

  • Walt Disney World Monorail System (undergoing refurbishment and may be on modified service or routes) through 2/28/2017
  • The Magic Behind Our Steam Trains Tour 1-1-2017 through 2-28-2017
  • Walt Disney World Railroad 1/9/2017- 3/2/2017
  • Hall of Presidents 1/17/2017-6/29/2017


  • Infrastructure work through 2/20/2017

Hollywood Studios

  • Cover Story 1/9/2017-3/23/2017

Animal Kingdom

  • Kali River Rapids 1/3/2017-2/13/2017

Typhoon Lagoon

  • 12/25/2017-3/11/2017

A trip to Walt Disney World  in February can be so much fun.  I hope you liked Your Guide to Disney World in February.  Have fun!

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